About JF4S

The Joint Forces for Solar initiative is a global synergy of stakeholders along the whole solar value chain.

  • Joint Forces for Solar, initiated by EuPD Research and Intersolar, is a global synergy of solar stakeholders ranging from multinational corporations to industry associations and local solar installation companies. Dedicated to the development of the global solar markets, our mission is to expand the use of all solar technologies at the global and local level and establish a vibrant renewable and clean energy industry.

    JF4S activities see industry stakeholders from every level come together to optimize the growth of the industry. They are unique opportunities to discuss emerging markets, changing customer demands, as well as finding common strategies to secure the future of the industry. Furthermore, the initiative provides its stakeholders with the latest information on market developments and trends.

    JF4S brings grass-roots knowledge and know-how to a global dimension. A local goes global strategy takes the first hand, insider information local players gain when dealing with customers on a daily basis and utilizes it to shape the future direction of the solar industry.

  • In return, global goes local, local players benefit from access to information on the latest technological developments and changes in market trends giving them the competitive edge necessary for long-term success.

    The initiative builds a bridge between the individual links of the value chain and offers a platform where opinions, ideas and expertise can be shared that ultimately strengthen the industry going forward.

    The success story of solar has proven that a sustainable market development requires a high degree of public awareness, transparency, infrastructure and a strong community.

    Our joint forces address these issues by identifying and exploiting business opportunities. This enables us not only to support the positioning of individual stakeholders along the value chain, but also allows the establishment and strengthening of business relationships.